It’s the ultimate chef cook-off! A hysterical evening of fun, food, knives, friends and theatrics, all for a great cause!

Our Kabuki Cook-offs are a huge hit! Thanks to our incredible sponsors and guests, we’ve raised an astounding $120,000 to support the children in our community by providing the transformational power of mentorship.

In close partnership with Benihana, Big Brothers Big Sisters gives Iron Chef a run for its money at this “celebrity” cooking competition, complete with awards like the Samurai (Best Knife Skills) and Sumo (Wrestles Most with the Food).

The “celebrity” chefs are also the entertainment for the night and perform their best Benihana-style theatrics behind the teppanyaki grills. Each table is uniquely themed, and chefs dress to match their table and entertain their guests, while earning tips for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward and competing for the coveted awards.


SCG & Associates: Josh Greenberger, David Greenberger, Adam Covit – Nat GEO Wild, Fish Tank Kings: Mat Roy – Gables Engineering: Jorge Alonso – Marketing Matters: Scott Leith – Comcast – Brisson: Peter Worrell – Sixth Star Entertainment: Eric Lachs – Miami Dolphins: Lenny Chesal – Publix: Carlos Cendoya – WSVN: Vanessa Medina – JM Family Enterprises: Kim Fields – BBBS Board of Directors: Adam Lerner – AutoNation: Jonathan Schwartz – Timpano: Bob Read – Women on the Verge: Troy McHatton – Crowe Horwath: Jennifer Santana-Shalwani & Cory Kronheim –

WINNERS:  Golden Tip- Mat Roy, NatGEO Wild Fish Tank Kings –                      Geisha Award (most entertaining chef): Troy McHatton, Women on the Verge –      Kabuki Award(chef most accommodating to guests): Comcast – Samuri Award(best knife skills): Josh Greenberger, SCG & Associates – Taiko Award (table making the most noise): Gables Engineering – Sumo Award (chef who wrestles the most with the food): Peter Worrell, Brisson